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The whole process of a handmade ceramic

How we make our handmade ceramics

Handmade ceramics are unique as they can not be repeated exactly the same. This is both their beauty and their uniqueness. Let's say, they have their own "personality" or their own "character".

Every handmade ceramic is special as it carries on every little touch of the potter that gives it shape and color.

It goes through a multifaced and long process that requires the intense attention of the creator, in order to reach your hands in the best possible final form,  as ... a lamp, a set of dishes or a mug completely different from the usual, that will be filled with your favorite coffee and that will beautify your daily life, or as ... a very special vase that will happily pull the looks of your visitors.

The steps from clay to ceramic

1. Construction - the time depending on the size, difficulty or quantity.
2. Grinding.
3. Engraving, Painting etc.
4. Drying - Large and thick objects must be dried in a controlled manner and very slowly to avoid their destruction.
5. 1st Baking (cookie) for 14-16 hours from 900 to 1060 degrees Celsius.
6. Cool ceramics in the oven for 1.5 days.

7. Grinding, Cleaning.
8. Glazing.
9. Cleaning, Grinding, Glazing Drying.
10. 2nd Baking from 8 to 12 hours from 1020 -1300 degrees Celsius (the temperature here depends on the type of glazing and clay).
11. Slowly cool the ceramics in the oven for 1-2 days.

12. Sanding where needed, Finishing.

All the above steps are necessary to build even a single ceramic. Time of construction depends on the size, difficulty, quantity and complexity of the items. The average time required is 2 weeks.

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